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In this one day packed with value you will walk away with

  1. A clear understanding of the current trends of HR and Social Media and what they mean for you and your organization
  2. No less than 10 new implementable ideas to start building your employer brand
  3. Solid Connections in Canada's top social media gurus and HR trailblazers you can add to your network
  4. A higher degree of comfort as a social media USER on the top platforms out there
  5. How you can use Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linked in as well as collaboration platforms to attract and retain the best human capital
  6. The difference between content and COMPELLING content- wnad what mistakes not to make
  7. Best in class examples of real canadian companies leveraging a more "social" approach
  8. Clarity as to the relationship you could have with Marketing and how HR and Marketing can work more closely together on branding initiatives
  9. Have FUN! 



Quest University Canada
3200 University Blvd
Squamish, BC